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Final Call: Michigan to go Blue

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While Michigan was relatively safe for much of the election, the last few weeks proved that any state could become hotly contested in this race. While there was an influx of spending the last few weeks from both sides. In just statewide elections alone $175 million has been spent. The National Journal has reported that Restore Our Future has spent $9 Million for ads to support Romney. However, this hasn’t been enough for Mitt to win his home state. Instead, Michigan will be going blue.

For much of this race, Michigan was one of the outer swing-states. The state that could become a battleground, but more than likely would not. Nate Silver, of  FiveThirtyEight blog fame has had Michigan listed as “safe Obama” for over 6 weeks. Meaning that when it came down to today, Obama would be getting 16 electoral votes from the Great Lakes State. However, Silver is not alone.

The Huffington Post today declared the race for Michigan close, but also reported that the President was “polling just ahead” of Romney. Now, what does just ahead mean? Well according to RealClearPolitics, Obama is ahead by 4 percentage points.

The Road to 270 also released this graphic today, predicting the voter percentages for both candidates.

Source: 270 to Win

So, it is safe to say that Mitt Romney will not be winning the state in which he grew up and the state his father was Governor of for 6 years. Instead, President Obama will be that much closer to the destination of 270 electoral votes and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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