Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Last Stand in PA

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The Romney Ryan group held their own rally in Ohio today before making their way to Pennsylvania. Romney’s campaign has made a late play for Pennsylvania, lacking advertisements and support here for months.

A win in Pennsylvania could allow the Republican nominee to lose Ohio and still have a pathway to the 270 electoral votes. The Democratic Party official Brad Woodhouse has called this a “Hail Mary” move for the Romney Ryan efforts in Pennsylvania. These 20 electoral votes are crucial for Romney.

The Romney Campaign, in its surprise move, announced Monday that they would hold two campaign stops today, Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It is an uphill climb for Republicans to take control of the Executive branch, they would have a much easier shot at retaining control of the House. Voters across the country have been casting their ballots today not just in the presidential race, but in a spread of congressional races that will determine the balance f power on Capital Hill next year. Democrats currently control the Senate by a narrow 53-47 margin.

The battleground polls show a mixed picture. Obama has the edge in Ohio, and Romney has the edge in Florida. What will happen in Pennsylvania? Who will win? And how will the decision in PA determine the final outcome? Stay tuned to Destination270 for your coverage and unbiased analysis of the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections.


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