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Missouri: Big victory for McCaskill, Expected win for Romney

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While everyone knew that Romney would win the state of Missouri last night, the nation was waiting for the contested Missouri Senate race which could have affected the Senate majority.  Claire McCaskill (D) won in Missouri, proving that you can’t mess with women and get away with it. 

Claire McCaskill, the incumbent, was fighting to keep her title, while Republican Todd Akin represented the popular party in Missouri vying to oust the Dems from the Senate.  He attacked McCaskill for consistently siding with President Barack Obama despite the overwhelming Republican sentiment in Missouri.  However, McCaskill had a much stronger argument against Akin.  After Akin’s gaffe earlier this summer about “legitimate rape”, the race quickly became a battleground for women voters.  McCaskill released a series of attack ads featuring women saying Akin is “scary” while Akin quickly scrambled for a rebuttal ad featuring a rape victim. 

Although McCaskill was once a vulnerable candidate, with the state of Missouri barely reelecting her the previous term, Akin’s political blunder was just inexcusable.  The NRSC pulled all its support of Akin, and notable Republicans around the country encouraged him to back out.  At the same time, Republican representatives such as Rand Paul rallied behind Akin in hopes of gaining a Republican majority in the Senate. 

Akin apologized for his controversial comments, but it looks like the women of Missouri weren’t able to forgive him this time.


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