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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Nevada Results

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Election Day has passed and the results are in. President Barack Obama was reelected to a second term. Let’s take a closer look at how the votes came in Nevada.

Presidential Race

Similar to 2008, Obama won in two crucial counties in Nevada, Clark County and Washoe County. In Clark County, the President won 56.4 percent to 41.9 percent. In the more conservative Washoe County, the President won 50.7 percent to 47.2 percent. In the remaining 15 counties in Nevada, Romney won by a fairly large margin. However, as the majority of Nevada citizens live in Clark and Washoe counties, these are the two counties whose votes hold the most weight in the state. The President also won the popular vote in Nevada by a 52.3 to a 45.7 margin.


Senate Race

Republican Dean Heller defeated his Democrat opponent Shelley Berkley. Although Heller was the incumbent, many were skeptical of his chances at re-election given Democrats voter registration advantage and the power of the Democratic get out the vote machine in Nevada.  Berkley had a four-point lead coming into Election Day due to early balloting. Heller beat the odds that many believed were against him and earned a public mandate to occupy the Senate seat he was appointed to in mid-2011. It was a close race, as Heller won by 12,000 votes or 1.2 percent. Berkley was only able to beat Heller in Clark County, by 9 points.



In the two tight races for congress in Nevada, Democrat Steven Hosford won in the fourth district and Republican Joe Heck won in the third district. In the fourth district, Hosford was the incumbent Democratic State Senate Majority Leader. Hosford beat Republican Danny Tarkanian by about 8 points. Hosford is Nevada’s first black congressman. In the third district, Joe Heck was the incumbent representative. Heck defeated Las Vegas firefighter and Democrat Assembly Leader John Oceguera.


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