Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

PA Late Night Vote

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President Barack Obama rolled to re-election and a second term in the White House tonight. TV networks projected Obama, while defeating the Republican challenger Mitt Romney and overcoming doubts about his handling of the economy, has taken the PA vote.

Obama defeated Romney in a series of key swing states despite a weak economic recovery and high unemployment for the U.S. The biggest win was in the contested state of Ohio, which put him over the top in the race to Destination270.

Obama hardly won in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, which were states that Romney had contested. Romney only took North Carolina according to the network projections.

Romney’s last-minute visit to Ohio and Pennsylvania today to try and drive turnout, has failed.

However Democrats held their Senate majority, while the Romney Republicans have retained the House of Representative control. 

What does this mean for the next four years in PA? Click Here to read more.


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