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The Indiana Results Are In!

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The results from the 2012 election are almost all in! As we all know, President Barack Obama has been elected to a second term in office. The key question, however, is how did the results play out in Indiana last night?

Here are the final results for the major races that I made predictions for in my last blog:

President: Mitt Romney- 55%    Barack Obama- 45%

Governor: Mike Pence- 50%      John Gregg- 46%

U.S. Senator: Joe Donnelly- 50%     Richard Mourdock- 44%

CD-2: Jackie Walorski- 49%     Brendan Mullen- 48%

CD-8: Larry Bucshon- 53%     Dave Crooks- 43%

All of my predictions except for the U.S. Senate race were correct here. Mitt Romney successfully led Indiana back to its tradition of voting Republican. Republicans have maintained control of the Governorship in Indiana. They also picked up one seat in the House of Representatives, meaning the state is represented by 7 Republicans and only 2 Democrats in the House.

Finally, the U.S. Senate race is the most important change in the state. The seat has been held by a Republican for decades, so this is a major change in the balance of power within Indiana. This also pushes Republican power down in the Senate when Republicans had hoped to make significant gains this election cycle. Overall, Indiana has embraced its tradition of splitting the ticket and its conservative roots.


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