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North Dakota: Heidi goes to Washington

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Luckily, armageddon was avoided in North Dakota. As reported earlier, North Dakota’s senate race could have ended up in a recall. However, victory was won by the Democratic nominee Heidi Heitkamp.

Source: Heidi for U.S. Senate


The highly contested race was a unknown until election results came streaming in. Heitkamp, the past Attorney General of North Dakota, won after votes had to be counted late into the night and early wednesday morning. According to the Huffington Post, “Heitkamp was essentially tied with Berg,  Nevertheless, she was considered something of an underdog in deep-red North Dakota, which went for Romney by 20 points.

That underdog status a well run campaign is what made Heitkamp North Dakota’s newest Senator. The Associated Press gives more reasons for her victory:

“Even Heitkamp’s strong showing was something of a rejection of Democratic President Barack Obama: Heitkamp has been harshly critical of the president’s energy policy, is pro-oil and supports gun rights. Despite the Democratic label, many viewed the 57-year-old former state tax commissioner and attorney general as more of an independent than a Democrat.”

And for North Dakotans, this was enough to give Heidi a chance to go to Washington. For more post-election information, check out Destination 270. 


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