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Stabenow wins 3rd Senate Term

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Debbie Stabenow gets to keep her Washington office for 6 more years. She defeated the Republican nominee Pete Hoekstra in Tuesday’s election by  a double digit margin.

Her win, by a 19 point margin, secures the second democratic senate seat in that state. Michigan’s other Senator, Carl Levin, has been in the senate since the 1970’s.

In her victory speech, Stabenow made it clear that she wanted to make Michigan better. “We are coming back in Michigan,” Stabenow told an ecstatic crowd in Detroit. “If we focus on out-innovating the competition, we will move Michigan forward… We’re ready to go back to work. Michigan will be in the driver’s seat.”

Hoekstra also released a statement, “Although we were not successful today, we must not let up as the challenges that face Michigan families remain real,” he said. “America needs real solutions to get people working and ensure the next generation has better opportunities than this generation.”

According to the Washington Post,

“Republicans targeted Stabenow early in the cycle but failed to mount a strong challenge in the Wolverine State. Hoekstra’s first campaign ad was met with charges of racial insensitivity, an apparent blow to the former congressman’s campaign. He struggled to compete in fundraising and never caught up to Stabenow in polls.”

This was most definitely shown in the polls. The official numbers were Stabenow 58 to Hoektra’s 39. Again, Michigan goes blue. For more post election information, go to Destination 270.


Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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