Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

The Results are in: Michigan

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As predicted, Governor Romney wasn’t able to gain momentum in his home state. Instead he lost to President Obama by a 3 point margin. This loss is not terribly surprising, given his now infamous statement “let Detroit fail” and the fact that his campaign spent next to nothing on that state until the last few weeks.

Source: Washington Post

As you can see, the state was largely red, but that does not necessarily matter. The areas that went blue, primarily the Detroit/Grand Rapids/Lansing area, holds the majority of the state population. So, when those districts reported their votes, it became clear that President Obama would win Michigan for a second time. Even though the President gets to enjoy the White House for four more years, with issues like the fiscal cliff are around the corner, it is clear his celebrations will be brief. For the President, it is time to go back to work.


Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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