Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Election 2016

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We’re only a couple days past the 2012 elections, but the political realm is already looking at the field of possible presidential candidates for 2016.  Future candidates often have defining moments in other candidates’ elections (like Obama’s 2004 DNC speech).  Here’s a look at some of the politicians creating a buzz already:

Chris Christie–NJ Governor who impressed with his keynote in Tampa at the RNC this year

Paul Ryan–Rep from WI, VP candidate

Marco Rubio–U.S. Senator from FL who delivered a strong speech in Tampa with Hispanic roots to help the GOP

Jeb Bush–former governor of FL, and let’s not forget son and brother of two former presidents.

Hillary Clinton–Secretary of State whom everyone is looking at to see if she makes the decision to run in 2016.

Joe Biden–VP who would be mighty old around the next election.

Andrew Cuomo–NY governor and son of Mario Cuomo

Martin O’Malley–MD governor and chair of Democratic Governors Association

America is a country of constant campaigning.  As much as this may pain those who idealize democracy, the media is constantly looking for fresh, new candidates to uncover and to make predictions about already-scrutinized career politicians.


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