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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Matheson Bests Love

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Rising Republican star Mia Love lost to Rep. Jim Matheson in the Utah House race.

While Matheson maintained heavy favor as an incumbent, this still comes as a surprise on the national landscape, particularly with her recent success. The Houston Chronicle reports how the different support that Love garnered during her campaign, “Love, 36, a Mormon and the daughter of Haitian immigrants, gained momentum after scoring a coveted speaking slot at the Republican National Convention, and garnering endorsements and fundraising help from Ann Romney, GOP Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.”

A win for Love would have been a first for the GOP as she would have been the first black GOP woman in the House. “The mayor of Saratoga Springs held a slight lead in the polls heading into the elections, and hoped to become the nation’s first black GOP woman in Congress. Matheson took a chance at running in the new, more urban District 4, rather than his sprawling, remapped District 2 that covers most of southwest Utah. He is Utah’s only Democratic representative in Washington.”

Republicans in Utah garnered victories in nearly every other race in the state, “Republicans, meanwhile, swept Democrats in other races across Utah, securing wins in races for attorney general, treasurer, state auditor and the three other congressional districts.”

This race was the first race that broke $10 million dollars in Utah and the state and has the potential to change the way local politics develop in Utah in the future given the influx of support outside of the state.


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