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Michigan: Proposition 1

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The only proposition to almost pass on Election Day in Michigan was proposition 1. This proposition would have removed the emergency manager law from the state record. Instead, the law stays, by an extremely slim margin. According to the Huffington Post, “Michiganders voted 52 percent to 48 percent, with 94 percent of precincts reporting, to strike down a referendum on Public Act 4. The law has been suspended since August, when opponents of the bill won a court decision to have the referendum placed on the ballot.”

The article continues, “Michigan voters struck down a law that allowed state-appointed emergency managers to renegotiate union contracts, change pension agreements and sell public assets to right the finances in fiscally-troubled communities”

However, this was more of a devicive isssue than many of the referendums up for debate this election season. The Post continues, “Opponents of PA 4 called the legislation, which has placed over half of the state’s African-American population under an emergency manager or consent agreement, an attack on democracy.”

An article from Yahoo news also had locals weigh in on their opinions regarding the law.

Jim Rehberg of Eastpointe, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, said, “I am opposed to Emergency Manager Public Act 4, because while it comes dressed in lamb’s clothing to rescue a municipality in financial distress, it is a wolf that devours democracy. Those elected can be stripped of their powers to govern, and the citizen is left voiceless in their own city or town.” Rehberg continued, “I am voting no on Prop 1. I want democracy restored and my elected officials accountable to [their] own citizens.”

Now it is apparent that the law has been highly unfavorable since Gov. Rick Snyder signed it into law in 201o. Now, lawmakers will go back to work with removing this law and replacing it with a much more subdued version. For more information on other Michigan proposition results, check out Destination 270. 


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