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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Rubio Possibly Looking to Iowa for 2016

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With the 2012 election now a distant memory from last week, whispers of 2016 hopefuls have started to become louder. For instance, according to CNN, Marco Rubio will be visiting Iowa next week to headline a fundraiser dinner for Terry Branstad, Iowa’s governor.

This could be Rubio’s first step in winning over the Hawkeye state, or it could be a simple favor for a friend.

At last year’s event, six of the republican presidential hopefuls made an appearance. This year, of course, things are a little quieter. However, this could be a sign of Rubio beginning to plant his feet in Iowa.

Anyone who followed Obama’s unlikely rise to presidency in 2008 can tell you that Iowa made all the difference. It was his first stepping stone into the white house, and although it is probably too soon for anything major it looks like Rubio might be slowly edging his way into the state.

If nothing else, the event is stirring talk of Rubio’s possible bid for presidency.


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