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Steve King’s Plans for Iowa’s Fourth District

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After winning the newly-formed fourth district in Iowa, republican representative Steve King is looking ahead at his next term.

Although Christie Vilsack gave King a formidable fight for his seat in the House, King ultimately came out victorious.

The now six-term incumbent has had to adjust his plans now that Obama won reelection. He will be making compromises that might betray his initial platform.

For example, King has now admitted that Obamacare will not be repealed, even though the repealing of Obama health care bill was one of his major running points.

His legislative agenda is primarily focused on avoiding the fiscal cliff that is looming ahead, and that means making compromises.

“There will be some compromises along the way.  There will be some things negotiated back and forth,” King said. “Certainly we will hear the word gridlock over and over again, but we are faced with this fiscal cliff and I would hope to think that there is a better way of resolving it than just letting it sweep forward.”

King says the bi-partisan ball is now in Obama’s court during these next four years. He believes the president should lead the charge in  in setting an example of reaching across party lines.

Although some of his points have changed, King is still holding strong on two of his running points.

First is seeking a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget. The second points is implementing a “fair tax,” which would replace all federal income taxes with a single national consumption tax on retail sales.

Additionally, King will continue to push for the farm bill congress failed to pass that would help out Iowa farmers.


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