Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Hillary v. Jeb 2016

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Now that we are a week out from the 2012 election, it only makes sense to start creating those short-lists of who will make the best candidate in 2016.  There are several names already floating around out there, but there are two potential candidates who have already gotten a considerable amount of attention.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush.  While both of them certainly have their shortcomings and potential demons to be confronted, they each bring a lot to the table for their respective party.

Hillary Clinton has enjoyed relatively widespread approval during her time as one of the world’s most powerful diplomats.  She has, however, been rather removed from the realm of domestic politics and economics over the past four years.  This could prove troublesome in a bid for reelection, yet it is likely she would be able to ride the wave of her relative popularity in to a successful bid for the presidency.

Jeb Bush would obviously be forced to face the ghosts of his father and brother’s presidential terms, however, he has recently proven to be a much more unconventional Republican than the first two Bush’s.  As the rather successful former governor of Florida, Bush has worked hard to secure the loyalty and support of Hispanics– a demographic the Republican’s definitely need to gain back.  He has distanced himself from the Republican Party on a handful of issues, and has led the nationwide crusade of education reform, making him appealing to many low-income voters.  After this year’s defeat there is a desperate need for reform in the Republican Party.  Jeb Bush might be just the reformer they need.

Politico wrote a great article comparing the two politicians.  Check it out here, and we’ll see you in 2016!


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