Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

How They Voted: Iowa

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It has been nearly a week since Obama won his second term, and yet again he took the Hawkeye State by no small margin.

Iowa exit polling

It seems that Obama had the edge in nearly all categories, only being behind in the male demographic by six points.

What the data suggest is that republicans need to seriously overhaul who they target, because what they’re doing simply is not working. Even in the elderly voting block (one they could traditionally count on) the republicans fell short.

Although cities are likely to lean left, it is disappointing to see that for all their campaigning, Romney’s team couldn’t even bring in a majority from the small town voters.

One thing is certain, the republicans need to change their game in Iowa and all over the country. Looking at the electoral map shows that the red country is crumbling at the edges from all sides. Perhaps next election a further reaching republican party will emerge.


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