Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

More Swing States To Come?

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While swing states such as Virginia, Ohio, and Florida garnered most of the attention and money from each campaign, the changing demographics of the nation may have more states to add to the illustrious pack of swing states.

The Washington Post reports the states with the closest margin of victory for candidates after the top ten states:
11. Minnesota: 7.6 percentage points (Obama)

12. Georgia: 8 percentage points (Romney)

13. Michigan: 8.3 percentage points (Obama)

14. Oregon: 9.45 percentage points (Obama)

15. Missouri: 9.6 percentage points (Romney)

16. New Mexico: 9.9 percentage points (Obama)

17. Indiana: 10.5 percentage points (Romney)

18. South Carolina: 11.3 percentage points (Romney)

19. Arizona: 11.55 percentage points (Romney)

20. Mississippi: 11.7 percentage points (Romney)

Read more about the next wave of potential swing states here.


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