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Other Important North Carolina Elections Explained

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Although ultimately North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes went to Mitt Romney, the state did elect some other significant offices on November 6.  Let’s take a deeper look at other important races in the Tar Heel State:

Governor: Pat McCrory

Republican McCrory won significantly over Democrat Walter Dalton (54.68% to 43.16%).  McCrory will be NC’s first Republican governor in 20 years, and he attributes his win to his campaign running a positive-only campaign (although some outside groups ran negative ads for him).  McCrory’s win is a significant achievement for the GOP in North Carolina.

Lt. Governor: Dan Forest

North Carolina is unique in that the race for Lieutenant Governor is run separately from the race for governor.  Republican candidate Dan Forest won over Democrat Linda Coleman, and he will be the only lieutenant governor to serve under a Republican governor in modern history.

Supreme Court Associate Justice: Paul Newby

While this race was of the nonpartisan nature, it is interesting because of the amount of money that went into it. Newby, the incumbent, won over appellate judge Sam “Jimmy” Ervin IV by sheer advertising power, causing this race to garner far more attention than usual.  Ervin comes from a long line of prominent North Carolina attorneys, and for the incumbent to expend so much effort in beating him reveals the highly competitive nature of the race.

For a complete list of the offices and elected officials in North Carolina that were voted on November 6, click here.

The major takeaways of this election day for North Carolina included the sizable victory of Republicans over Democrats.  While Obama won Commander-in-Chief, North Carolina was the only battleground state he lost. Republicans are now the dominant force politically here.


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