Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Republicans Lose Seats in Indiana, Massachusetts

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As political control in the Senate and House remained virtually unchanged, each race presented challenges for each party as they attempted to shift the balance more favorably towards their party.
While things may not feel particularly different, Democrats managed to pick up critical seats in Indiana and Massachusetts “Many political pundits had thought Democrats would do well to barely hang onto Senate control in Tuesday’s election, losing one or two seats in the process. However, in addition to Tester’s seat in Montana, they successfully defended seats considered vulnerable in Missouri, Virginia and Connecticut and wrested seats away from Republicans in Massachusetts and Indiana,” Reuters reports.
In both seats Republicans lost these seats as the backlash of comments over key social issues, “The Republican setback was in part self-inflicted, the result of internal battles waged in the party and controversial comments about rape and abortion.”
While much is being made of the changes the GOP will need to make to appeal to a broader base of voters, only the next election cycle will express the reality of this demographic wake-up call.

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