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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

The Impact of Romney’s Faith

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Much was made of the impact that Romney’s faith would have on his White House hopes.

The Hill reports of Romney’s broad appeal across religions,”A post-election poll by the Pew Forum showed that President George W. Bush actually garnered a higher percentage of the Mormon vote than Mitt Romney, the first major party candidate of the Mormon faith. But Romney posted substantial improvement among Jewish and Catholic voters, evidence Republican efforts to target those two demographic groups were not for naught.

While the Romney campaign shied away from sharing his faith, had his experiences been shared earlier it may have had a more positive impact than previously thought.
The Los Angeles Times reports that his faith may have ultimately helped him,”Not only was there no apparent backlash, but the glimpses into Romney’s religious life may have helped to soften his image as a cool and aloof businessman.”
Many consider this process a win for religious dialouge of the country and hope that his success represents yet a new era in tolerance. 

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