Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

…And here comes Paul Ryan.

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After the election, Paul Ryan has been speaking out.

Some are saying that he should take the blame for not helping Romney win Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state.  Ryan responded that it was an uphill battle the whole way.  Like Republicans everywhere, he was surprised that the race wasn’t closer than they thought.  (Those darn polls.)  He granted that Obama won the urban areas and played the electoral college game well.

The mood on Capitol Hill among Republicans is that with the election results, they have  mandate to hold true to their strong policies, including tax reform.  For now, the GOP won’t have to worry about their strong leadership in people like Boehner and McCall, who aren’t going anywhere and are actively emboldening their party and its policies.

Ryan, saying he’s “tired of presidential politics”, has stated that he will “do what he was reelected to do: represent Wisconsin and be chairman of the budget committee.”

To see Politico’s full video, click here or to read some of Ryan’s interview, click here.

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