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Michigan House Upset: Democrat Gretchen Driskell Wins

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In a surprising turn of events, Democratic candidate Gretchen Driskell won the 52nd District on Tuesday’s election.

According to the Ann Arbor paper, “When all the vote was counted at 4:09 A.M Wednesday, Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell had unseated Ouimet with 26,646 votes (52.86%) to Ouimet’s 23,609 (46.83%) to be the next representative in the 52nd District of the Michigan House of Representatives.”

This was a surprising win, considering that the Republican incumbent Mark Oiument not only had more funds, but is also personal friends with Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder.

According to the Examiner this win creates a completely democratic slate for Washtenaw County, which includes the major city of Ann Arbor.

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