Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Zingers! The best of Colbert and Stewart

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Let us start with Stewart’s top five:

1. In response to Obama’s lackluster first debate: “Romney fired Big Bird, America’s favorite non-fried bird. Romney could have water-boarded Aladdin, put down Blue, deported Dora the Explorer and he still would have won.”

2. In response to Sarah Palin comparing Joe Biden’s VP debate performance to a “musk-ox running across the tundra”: “Settle down, Eskimo Annie Oakley…We get it, you live in Alaska.”

3. In response to Romney’s “binders full of women”: “Hey, binder full of women, book full of broads, notebook full of nipples…Whatever!”Still, as usual, Colbert takes the cake:

1. Post election: “Let’s face it, America is a quick drunk and an easy lay.”

2. Discussing the third debate: “Now, I’m Tivo-ing it, so nobody tell me if the moderate or conservative Romney kicked the lethargic or energetic Obama’s ass.”

3. Mimicking Fox News’ coverage of the Libya controversy post-debate: “Why didn’t our consulate have more security? Why was the intelligence so slow to come out? And more importantly, if you put a statement in the form of a question, is that journalism?”


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