Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

About the writers

A select group of students from Southern Methodist University experienced democracy first hand as they traveled to the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention just a few weeks ago. This group of students is now enrolled in a Political Seminar that hopes to dive into the upcoming election. Every student will be providing up to date information on a certain battleground state, and one will be addressing the country as a whole. Destination 270 will be an excellent resource and outlet for the politically inclined.

Lauren Wells, a Dallas native, has been following politics since she was young. As a Junior at SMU, she is excited to cover the election and hopes to one day work in Washington D.C.

Marc Bullard is a Sophomore majoring in Communication Studies at SMU. After graduation he plans on working in Washington D.C. as a speechwriter.

Amie Kromis is a senior from Nashville, TN majoring in Communication Studies.

Amanda Scott is a Junior at SMU studying Political Science, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs and foreign languages. She hopes to work in the private sector of politics in the consulting field. She came to SMU from Honolulu, Hawaii and has been in Dallas since 2010. 

Taylor Lioce is a Junior from Huntsville, Alabama double-majoring in Communication Studies and Advertising, with a minor in Political Science. She hopes to pursue a career in political consulting after attending law school.

Sarah Mowery is a sophomore from Little Rock, AR majoring in Communications Studies and French at SMU. When she’s not obsessing over the upcoming election, Sarah enjoys cooking and cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Caitie Shaughnessy is a junior Communication Studies major with Psych and English minors at Southern Methodist University from Connecticut. This election season, she will be covering everything Nevada. She attended the DNC in Charlotte in August.

 Shana Ray is a Dallas native and current senior studying Communications Studies and Business. Her desire is to one day pursue a career in politics.

Devin Kerns is a sophomore at SMU majoring in Communication Studies. When she is not serving on SMU’s Student Senate or giving tours of campus, she enjoys exploring Dallas with her friends and playing sand volleyball. 

Savannah Stephens is a junior studying communications and history. After joining the SMU dial testing team for 5 different trips and working at he RNC, she is excited to blog about the upcoming election. After her undergraduate time at SMY, she plans on attending law school and working in Washington.

Antonea Bastian is a junior from Albuquerque, New Mexico studying Communications Studies and History.

Daniel Brock is a junior from Chattanooga, Tennessee studying financial consulting and ethics. Being new to the communication world, Daniel traveled to RNC to intern with HLN and helped conducted dial testing with Dr. Kirk at the   Vice Presidential Debate. After the election, he plans to begin his research project on energy development in India and get back to focusing on business world.



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